B2P Customer Obsession

About this Work

Buy to Pay (B2P) is undergoing a major transformation to put customers at center of the organization, and the B2P identity and culture are key drivers for success. The purpose of this engagement is to:

  • Develop a strategic identity platform, a communications and engagement plan, and a trainer’s manual to guide the B2P organization towards “customer obsession.”

  • Instill a "customer-obsessed mindset” and “customer experience-oriented culture” inside the B2P organization

  • Improve outside perceptions among customers (patients, internal buyers, clinicians, and other stakeholders) of B2P as a trustworthy, value-add organization that is easy to do business with and is “customer centered.”

Project Files

Key Project Contacts

Brooke Fan - Kaiser Permanente

Executive Director, Buy to Pay, Supplier and Customer Experience


Dave Robinson - Kaiser Permanente

Director, Buy to Pay and Customer Experieince

Travis Rothway - Kaiser Permanente

Project Coordinator, Buy to Pay, Customer & Supplier Experience

(510) 625-3932  


Denise Lee Yohn - Kissinger Group


Sondra Kiss - Kissinger Group

Managing Partner

Scott Lininger - Kissinger Group

Sr. Partner

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