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The Consulting Industry was born over 100 years ago. We thought it could use a refresh.


Back in the day, the best and brightest went to work for big consulting firms. But the most talented consultants have since left behind the travel and the politics, trading those big firm jobs for the freedom of independent consulting.

By leveraging independent consulting talent, Kissinger Group operates a lean business model that pairs a small staff with a trusted network of more than 250 veteran consultants. All this makes for low overhead, exceptional quality, and value that the big firms simply can’t deliver.

In the wake of a multi-billion dollar merger integration, Kissinger Group delivered an expert with critical insight who tackled difficult topics, created new accountabilities and operationalized our teams. We saw tremendous value and advanced in ways we couldn’t have done on our own.

Rena Bradham

Vice President, Global Marketing and Strategy

Becton Dickinson


Kissinger Group professionals help clients execute key business initiatives with expert performance. Our services focus on the three disciplines most fundamental to successful business projects:

Program & Project Management
Process Optimization
Organizational Change Management

We specialize in highly regulated industries, including energy and utilities, financial services and healthcare. A focused approach and industry-specific expertise, means that we can zero in on the issues that really drive value for our clients.

Energy and Utilities
Healthcare Operations
Financial Services

Our team needed to organize and execute a complex process improvement initiative. Kissinger Group brought us a team of experts that helped us every step of the way. From program initiation to Kaizen workshops and ongoing project management, Kissinger Group delivered exactly what we needed to get us quick wins and long term success.

Jim Boland

Senior Director

San Diego Gas & Electric

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